Brand Ambassador

Love skincare and makeup? Great! we focus on natural organic cosmetics and want to help other makes the switch to natural beauty easy and fun! This job is a cross between a brand ambassador and consultant.

Benefits ****Fully Remote****
1. Your decide your work hours
2. Free Skincare, Haircare, and Makeup Consultations
3. Employee Discounts
4. Free Products
it is important to note that sense you set your own hours and work load this is commission based position. Meaning only want a side hussel awesome we'd love to have you! Want to live where ever and travel anytime while still having a full time job? Great! Tell us about your adventures we'd love to hear them.

Day to Day
1. Trying new products and sharing what you think
2. Spread the word about what you like
3. Help others live a happier healthier life
and make money doing it!